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Tour Info

North America
US Booking The band is represented in the USA by Entourage Talent in New York. Contact them if interested in booking the band in the US.

Entourage Talent Ass.Ltd
133 West 25th St, New York, NY1001.

Europe booking If you are interested in booking Ozric Tentacles for a show in the UK or Europe, please contact their booking agent directly. Here is their contact info.

Fruit Pie Music
Attn: Sally
The Shop,
443 Streatham High Road
London, SW16 3PH
Telephone: 011 44 (0) 208 679 9289
Fax: 011 44 (0) 208 679 9775
Web Site:

Click here for rules regarding taping of shows from the management.

Discographys and side projects

If you are interested in using Ozric recordings in your own work, you must contact the Copyright holder for the rights to use.
This is the Record label that currently owns the rights to the original material. For most of Ozrics back catalog up through Swirly Terminations that is Snapper Records. After that it is a mix.
Please don't contact the webmaster requesting permission to use recordings. Thank You.

Midi Files / Guitar Tab

Convert an Ozric song into general midi and post it here.
In order to hear these files in the best quality , your MIDI instrument must conform to the General MIDI map specification, or have a compatible instrument map.

Media Archives

Media Clips, Audio and Video Archives

Articles & Interviews

Ozric Tentacles Photo Album

Guitar/Synth/Intrument Information

The Bands Equipment List with pictures.
Synth info from Synthzone
More intrument info from Harmony Central

Fan Clubs

The Ozric Tentacles Homepage (This WWW page)

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  • This website is fully endorsed by Ozric Tentacles

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